Garden Advice Service

Garden Advice Service

The vast majority of projects undertaken at KCGD are formal 'Architect-style' garden design commissions.  However, Karen recognises that for small projects the cost may be prohibitive and therefore she is delighted to be able to offer you the option of arranging a Garden Advice Consultation. 

This service is for those who value the opportunity to review their garden dilemma with an award winning garden design professional, receiving 'on-the-spot' solutions and guidance.

(The on-site service is limited to only a few appointments per month between Spring and Autumn so it's advisable to book well in advance. 
Alternatively, a remote 'desktop appraisal' service s available all year round)
So, if you are frustrated by your own attempts at garden design, are fed up with trawling the internet for inspiration or have just lost the plot, why not book an appointment and let Karen help you unlock a little of your garden’s potential. 

She can, for example;
  • Introduce you to new ideas on how the general layout of your garden could be improved - great for DIY builds and smaller investment projects 
  • Focus on one particular feature - maybe it's a new patio area and what paving would be best or how to design your new veg patch. 
  • Offer advice on how your planting scheme could be refreshed - maybe you need more colour, or how to plant up that difficult spot.
  • Review your own design sketches, or those of your builder, and gently point you in the right direction!  (As Karen is doing in this image!)
  • Help novice gardeners identify their existing plants and those that may be worth keeping, or not!


  • Do you visit my garden? Yes, this is a home visit service, however it is limited to gardens within an hours drive of Colchester.
  • Can you offer a remote service? Yes, if you are able to send over the details I can offer a desktop appraisal . 
  • What do I get? You get access to over 25 years of experience from a professional and award winning garden designer!   Have a note book ready as there will be lots of information and ideas you'll want to capture.
  • Do you leave me with a drawing? No, this is a consultation only service, however your own drawings can be reviewed.
  • Can we upgrade to a drawing service? Of course, it is always possible to discuss further design input following the first visit. 
  • What can be covered? Any aspect of garden making. 
  • How much does it cost? This is a time based fee service which takes into account my return travel expenses (time & petrol), and up to 3 hours spent with you. The minimum fee is £359.00 per visit.