Small Garden - only 4ms wide (that's 12 feet!)

Client's brief

This very small garden is just four metres wide and sits behind a traditional terrace house. Although the existing garden was charming, it was chaotic and rather tired, lacking any seating space for socialising and relaxing. 

The client's principal wish was for a modern layout that made optimum use of the available space, yet retained the existing cosy ambience. The introduction of colour, texture and height were also high on the wish list. 
"Designing in a small space is much more difficult that you might at first think as people still need people sized 'things'. I mentioned on a previous project that there is usually a key feature that drives the design solution and for this garden it is the seating. 

You may not notice immediately but I have provided four different places to sit in this design. There's the obvious table and chairs, a day bed under a cedar arbour, the top of the water feature wall where you can chat with anyone lazing on the day bed and finally a raised planter at seat height!  In addition to all this seating, there is also a water feature,  lighting scheme and screening of the old shed and utility area.

There's a lot going on in this space, however the use of a limited palette of building materials, boundaries made of living ivy screens and a planting scheme based predominately on foliage calms the space, providing a relaxing haven for its busy owners." 

Client's Review

“You have really transformed our garden from a space that was fundamentally pretty but completely impractical to an absolutely functional and beautiful space. You interpreted the brief perfectly and your advice and guidance at all stages of the project from first principles to finished planted space was first class. Thank you.”
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