Classic Country Garden

Client's brief

The owners of this garden were at a loss as to how to organise their large featureless space in order to provide a more interesting and practical garden. 

Primarily they wanted more seating, more planting and more features all in a traditional country style.

"To achieve the clients wishes I divided the space into three main 'people' areas. 

The first and most important is a large flag-stone terrace close to the house.  It is spacious enough for entertaining friends and family yet still feels cosy when it's dinner for two. This is due in part to the black timber pergola which provides a comforting sense of enclosure without stealing too much light from the interior. It takes its colour and dimensions from the architectural detailing of the house. This consideration ensures that the new garden feels as if were conceived at the same time as the house was built.

The second area is a small, formally styled water feature with a surrounding bog garden, allowing the clients to explore a new palette of plants.  The shape of the conservatory bay window is the inspiration for the layout in this section, and can be seen in the definition of the shape by the use of red brick pavers.  

The third area is the large formal lawn garden; its emerald green colour being the perfect foil to the generously planted beds filled with typical cottage garden plants. These include lavender, Lady's Mantlel and roses. To add a modern twist to the planting a few, very well behaved, ornamental  grasses were allowed in!    To provide instant height, and an opportunity for climbing plants, two free-standing black timber arches are set directly opposite each other. They formally mark each entrance to the lawn garden and frame a long view across the space.  

These pictures were taken around three to four years after completion of the garden." 

Client's Review

‘Thank you so much for all your help and guidance with our garden, you’ve really inspired us and now that it is maturing we can actually see what was in your mind's eye!’
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