Low Maintenance Container Garden

Client's brief

For this client the main objective was to have an outside 'room' which was very low maintenance and stayed as neat and tidy as possible.

Plants could be included but they had to be well behaved and not stray from their allotted space! 
"Working the design at 45 degrees to the house and fracturing the paving lines into surrounding gravel helps to disguise the awkward shape of this garden. An old path that dissected the space is no longer required as the seating and pathway paving are now one element. 

Replacing the unused lawn with paving, in a soft tone, eliminates lawn maintenance and lifts the light levels in an otherwise quite shaded garden. A small tree and an archway add volume providing a sense of privacy by diffusing views of the surrounding roof lines. 

Large containers of varying sizes are positioned to define two seating spaces and are planted up with low-maintenance, textural evergreens such as Carex, Heuchera, Buxus and Trachelospermum.  Planters of this size and quality are a significant investment, however they are the main feature of the garden providing much needed volume and of course can be taken with you.  

The overall colour palette is simple and elegant using the light warm tones of natural sandstone paired with a standard pea-shingle. The planters in a soft pale grey." 

Client's Review

'Dear Karen, Thank you so much for the work you have carried out for me, I greatly appreciate it and am very pleased with the design. I look forward to seeing you next year for a drink in my new back garden!'
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